Plasticum Botanicus

4174361_origxxPlasticum Botanicus’ Street Garden
The Plastic Bottle Flower Project

Cultivated  from hundreds of used plastic bottles with a few yoghurt pots thrown in the mix, Plasticum Botanicus is a street garden of over 500 flowers set into make believe earth.
Bursting with colour the main idea is simply to brighten up the street and bring a smile to peoples’ faces.
This is not art for galleries, its an unexpected blast of colour on grey pavement surrounded by nothing but shops.
It’s to distract people.
It’s to slow things down.

We started this project in 2012 and over the course of a few months, dozens of volunteers spent time collecting and cutting old bottles into flowers, breeding newer and weirder hybrids every day.
This ongoing project is open to all.

We have run workshops with school groups and worked with The National Learning Network. Plasticum Botanicus has visited the streets of Cork and Fermoy and set its temporary seed in the grassy garden of St. Finbarre’s Hall on Dean Street to brighten up the Second Ireland Sacred Harp Singing Convention.
Plasticum Botanicus brightened up the open air exhibition spaces during KFest in Kilorglin, 2014, and helped bring some Spring to Camden’s Christmas market.

Contact :Niamh 0877568530

The flowers makers….
Nan Bailey, Lola Dalton, Cecile Moyart, Niamh Leonard, Artem Trofimenko, Anita Sheehy, Sadhbh Ni Fhloinn ,Natalie Forde, Angie Bradley,  Jude O’Neill, Ewa Rybka, Olivia Binchy, Ciara Maclean, Tasmin Merivale, Rosie Woods, Laurel Flynn, Jennifer Ryall, Kasia from Krakow with her mum and many more.