Deja View Cineclub

dejaviewThe Deja View Cineclub is based in the cine Camden Palace Hotel community arts centre.
The programme of Cineclub consist of screening independent, underground and cult classic films from all over the world. Regular screenings are every Wednesday, and special screenings are organised in conjunction with festivals or other one-off events.
The programme of Cineclub is curated by Peter Zemek. Peter is a freelance writer, with a diploma in Art History from UCC, online diploma in Philosophy from University of Edinburough and currently studying Photography in St.Johns College in Cork. He started the Deja View Cineclub in 2014 and already it has become an integral part of the city’s independent cinema group. During his time in Camden Palace he curated several art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, live music events and charity film screenings.
The aim of the Cineclub is to build art house experience, making it feel like a mixture of the old cinema visits with a homely atmosphere, integrating other art media in our evenings. Before the film starts, while the audience is getting settled, a compilation of shorts, TED talks, or vintage commercials are screened.
The programme is always open for supporting local filmmakers and other artists; feel free to contact Peter about organising a screening for your film.
Special screenings are often introduced by curator or a guest speaker. Introduction is mostly about background on the film, the director or the general theme if it is needed.

For up to date information on our current programme of films, visit our site, or find us on social media;
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Affiliate festivals;
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