Over nine years, our collective of artists developed a charity-based organisation supporting tens of thousands in the Cork area as a venue for theatre productions, art house cinema, creative workshops, concerts, art exhibitions, recording studio and so much more – with an ethos of inclusivity, community and spontaneity. 

Established in 2009, our charity, Camden Quay Community Arts, Ltd. — then a small group of dedicated individuals — renovated a derelict building in Cork city centre to create a vibrant, inclusive and supportive art and community environment. 

The building was a venue for tens of thousands of multidisciplinary and multicultural artists, as well as a multitude of events, exhibitions, performances and workshops. 

We received many tributes and accolades we have received from local youth and community groups, from front-line HSE staff, from visitors to the city, from artists and arts organisations for the valuable resources we provided. 

As if that were not enough, every building we have used as a centre has been improved because of the work we have put into it from our own limited resources.

When our building was sold by NAMA for redevelopment, we sought intervention from Cork City Council to help us relocate to one of many city centre buildings owned by the city. That help never came. Though, with the help of the local community, we did find a temporary and smaller space for two more years.  

Since mid-2017 we have been a homeless organisation. However, plans are underway to open a new arts and community centre in Cork City! Stay tuned for updates. 



Our self-sustaining business plan has enabled employment and empowers everyone. We are a registered charity, operating as a company limited by guarantee, with a board of directors. We employ an artistic director and general manager, and intend to increase the number of our paid staff in the next venture. You can view a copy of our most recent audited reports here.



We aim to comply with the new Charities Regulatory Authority and Governance Code, and we’re also a member of The Wheel to stay abreast of opportunities and news within the non-profit sector.