Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre

“Art doesn’t change the world, but it may change the consciousness of the people who can change the world.” 

 — Herbert Marcus, philosopher

Established in 2009, the Company – a small group of dedicated individuals – renovated a  derelict building in Cork city centre to create a vibrant, dynamic, diverse, inclusive and supportive environment for the arts.
In March 2017, Camden Palace Hotel community arts centre regrettably closed the doors of our last space. Here are some highlights from our glory days… 

All of this was accomplished without a penny in state aid! Camden Palace operated on donations, income from renting space and sustaining a lean budget. Our relationship with property developers gave us an ideal derelict city centre space to re-imagine until the building changed ownership. 
Our alternative model provided emerging and new artists a cross-cultural place for experimentation and development without the time-consuming, burdensome, bureaucratic structures and limitations of traditional arts organisations.


Plans are underway to open a new arts and community centre in Cork City in 2020! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for news.